Appropriately Supporting Twice Exceptional Students

Updated: Sep 6

Wye River Upper School

Twice-exceptional is a clunky term that describes students with exceptional academic abilities who also have a learning challenge. All humans are neurodiverse, meaning we each think and learn differently; however, twice-exceptional students have solid skills and very challenging academic deficits (dyslexia, dyscalculia, executive function issues, etc.). This duality can make the instructional environment fascinating for them and a place to fear. For example, a twice-exceptional student can be a math prodigy but have executive functioning troubles which cause her to struggle with organization. Thus this brilliant student requires the appropriate learning environment to support her academic prowess and also build her executive weaknesses. This is where Wye River Upper School steps in.

These outstanding 2E students populate Wye River Upper School. With our small class sizes and our involved and intensive one-on-one support, our 2E students thrive! 2E students can present a unique challenge in a classroom. They tend to be a bit inattentive and struggle in some form with writing or reading comprehension. Low self-esteem and poor peer relations are also attributes associated with 2E students. At WRUS, we meet these challenges head-on! Our staff works with the students and their families to build the interpersonal skills necessary to succeed upon graduating. We intentionally design our academic and social programs to challenge students, not break them. We show our students how to appreciate their growth and not just focus on outcomes. In short, we meet them where they are and accompany them on the journey to where they want to be. With our personalized education plans, academic advisory periods, and ongoing student-staff-family communication our students are set up to succeed from day one.

50% of our graduates transition to college, and the other 50% go into a trade, the military, or straight to work. Our goal is to produce independent self-advocates that are productive and fruitful members of society. If you'd like to show your support for the essential work Wye River Upper School engages in each day, please consider investing in our future by donating to our 20th Anniversary Endowment Fund.


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