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Dress Code at WRUS

At WRUS, we aim to promote an inclusive environment for all community members.

Two boys wearing school clothes lean against a wall and talk to eachother.

We expect our students to dress in attire appropriate for their workday. WRUS staff has the right to deem articles of clothing as not appropriate for the school environment. Parents will be called to bring the dress code to school that day if a student is not wearing appropriate clothing. It is highly recommended that a spare set of clothing is kept in the student’s locker. Students may not be permitted in classes without dress code clothing. Students not appropriately dressed for sports may not be allowed to participate at the discretion of the Athletic Director/Coach.

In School (general or special dress days) 

  • Everyone is expected to be well-groomed and wear clean clothing free of holes, tears, or other signs of wear. 

  • Clothing should not include profanity, inappropriate slogans or sayings, reference to drugs/alcohol/weapons, or appear distracting or revealing. 

  • All outer clothing must completely cover undergarments

  • Pajamas and other loungewear, including sweatpants, should not be worn to school

  • Coats and winter accessories - gloves and hats should be placed in lockers during the school day.

Three students run and play on a field wearing yellow and blue pinnies.

The following are not allowed:

  • Jewelry with long chains, spikes, or any deemed unsafe for the learning environment (Labs, MakerSpace, etc.)

  • Distracting make-up, piercings, or hair color/style

  • Crocs, boots, or shoes with black soles that scuff the floor

  • Hats, bandannas, sweatbands, hair picks and distracting headwear, and eyewear that is not related to vision needs

  • Blankets

8th Grade Students

  • Pants, shorts, or skirts that are of chino style (of any solid color) (khaki style)

  • Clean tennis shoes, boots and sandals.

High School Students
9th - 12th Grades

  • Permitted tops include polo shirts, button-down shirts, and t-shirts - Sweaters, sweatshirts, pullovers, and clothing with hoods are allowed; hoods are not allowed to be up while in the building.

* Please note: Students may order WRUS logo shirts, but these are not required for grades 9-12

  • Pants or shorts that are chino style (khakis, corduroys) - Jeans (no rips that show the skin) - Dresses and skirts of an appropriate length (mini dresses and mini skirts are not permitted)

  • Clean tennis shoes, sandals - Closed-toed shoes are expected for safety in MakerSpace and Science Labs. 

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