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Wye River Upper School Grades 9-12

When Wye River Upper School was founded in 2002, it fulfilled an ever-growing need within the community for a high school that provided individualized instruction to children with learning differences.  WRUS opened its doors to serve bright, motivated children whose success was otherwise impeded by traditional models of education. 


Wye River Upper School uses experiential, hands-on, and project-based learning as a basis for curriculum development.  Each student receives an individualized learning plan that best prepares them for life after graduation, be that college or a career pathway.  At WRUS, mental and physical health are prioritized in order to give students the tools they need to become independent 21st-century citizens

Within our small, supportive environment, WRUS students' strengths are celebrated as well as their differences.  Our students are able to experience success, make friends, and graduate as a more confident young adult.

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