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Student Life at WRUS

Creating a Place Where Students Thrive

The Wye River Upper School staff works to find the balance between teenagers' quest for independence and their continued need for structure and boundaries. We focus our instruction and enrichment on the social, emotional, physical, and academic strengths and needs of our students. Academic rigor and high behavior standards are central to the positive development of future citizens and young adults.

Overall, we strive to enrich our student's high school experiences through diverse learning opportunities and activities that develop the "whole child."

Students are canoeing on the Corsica River in Centreville, Maryland

Experiential Learning

Connections to "real world" learning are essential to the Wye River Upper School curriculum. Teachers plan field trips to expand student perspective, to engage and to add an authentic component to lessons. 

Athletics at WRUS

All students at Wye River Upper School begin each day with morning athletics. Why? Because research has shown that morning exercise boosts students’ mood, focus, and energy throughout the day. Doing sports first gives us a head start on all that follows. This is especially crucial for students who have ADHD, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Stduent athletes gathered after a game to celebrate

Community Outreach

We believe strongly in the value of service to the community and our curriculum and program reflects that value. We require all students to complete 75 hours of community service and we offer two to three all-school volunteer opportunities each year.

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