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8th Grade at Wye River Upper School

After years of research and conversations, we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding to include the 8th grade. In September 2023, our 8th grade will officially open. 

Expanding our impactful program into the 8th grade will allow us to continue our extraordinary academic and social-emotional work.

This is a big moment for the Wye River Upper School community and our ever-growing commitment to cultivating the best in our students, helping them be excellent stewards of this world and, above all, the best version of themselves.

Situated within our historic Armory building, the middle school students will share our main campus with grades 9-12 in an effort to ease transition anxiety to high school.  


Schedule your personal tour and meeting with our admissions office by emailing or calling 410-758-2922.

Wye River Upper School students and faculty hanging out at Tuckahoe State Park located near Centreville, Maryland
Students study cellular respiraton in science class.
Students smiling while learning to bake bread during a trip to Modern Stone Age Kitchen in Chestertown, Maryland
Project Based Learning
Executive Function
Study Skills
Mental and

Rolling  Admission
10 student maximum enrollment
Fast Facts

Read more about tuition and admissions procedures here. 

Our 8th-grade program will prioritize project-based and experiential learning, executive function coaching, and study skills development.  WRUS 8th-graders will practice mindfulness and develop habits for improved mental and physical health with our faculty in partnership with the YMCA of Centreville.  


In an effort to better prepare our students for success in life, and to possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the 21st Century, Wye River utilizes the “six C’s” as presented by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) in 2011. Wye River students will pursue and demonstrate learning which focuses on the following core skills which the 21st Century will demand:


• Creativity • Character  • Critical Thinking • Collaboration • Communication • Cosmopolitanism •  

The following beliefs and values guide all of our actions.

1. We believe we can change the lives of our students and their families.

2. We believe our students are individuals with high potential.

3. We believe our role as educators is to empower.

4. We believe our students need a structured but customized program.

5. We believe family support is crucial to successful education.

6. We believe diversity among students and staff is invaluable.

7. We believe building a strong community is the responsibility of all.

8. We believe that we are all stewards of our environment.

Silhouette of a blue heron flying
Interested in Learning More About Our Admissions Process?

Schedule a one-on-one tour with a member of our team to discuss how Wye River Upper School can meet the needs of your child.  Call Katie Lillard at 443-262-8267 or email to plan your visit.

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