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Upcoming Events at WRUS

Your child can thrive. 

Visit Wye River Upper School and learn how we can help your child thrive. See more information about in-person and virtual open house events as well as The Wye River Upper School Speaker Series below. 

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The Wye River Upper School Speaker Series provides education and support to parents of middle and high school students with dyslexia, ADHD, twice exceptionalities, and more. Experts in their fields, speakers at Wye River offer guidance and help to parents raising teens in a stressful era. 

Watch past Speakers here!

What makes us WRUS?


Tailored Cirrciulum

Students at Wye River Upper School learn in ways that work for them. Our faculty deliver MSDE-approved curriculum to exceptional learners in many modalities including auditory, visual, text, and hands-on project-based learning. 


Small by design

The average class size at Wye River Upper School is 6-8 students. That means that each student receives individual attention in a distraction-free classroom. 


Inclusive Community

In today's age, many students are facing school-related anxiety that interrupts their ability to learn. 

Wye River Upper School's warm environment and family-like community help students feel comfortable.

Learn more about Wye River Upper School's flexible tution.

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