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Welcome to Wye River Upper School

As the Head of School, I am pleased to extend greetings and introduce you to our vibrant and inclusive learning community. This year, Wye River Upper School turns 21! We continue to strive to create an environment where every student is valued, inspired, and challenged to reach their full potential. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to providing an exceptional learning experience that fosters intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and personal growth.


At Wye River, we provide a safe and nurturing learning environment teeming with opportunities for young adults. Our staff is especially adept at creating educational experiences that support each learner's emotional and social growth. We've become wiser, more empathetic, and more profound thinkers through our intensive professional development program and our devotion to remaining up to speed on all research regarding the education of students with ADHD, dyslexia, and high-functioning autism. 


Our students begin each day with a rigorous physical workout in locations throughout Centreville. We offer our students a solid academic program and an opportunity to showcase their talents in various activities, including theater, fine arts, music, and sports. We ensure our classes are small so students can develop strong relationships with teachers. We intentionally provide structure and accountability. Our comprehensive curriculum, rooted in best educational practices, encourages students to become active learners, independent thinkers, and compassionate citizens of the world.


We continually focus on providing an appropriate education for our scholars, understanding that three quarters of them will seek a two or four-year degree upon graduation. The other 25% will join the armed forces or a technical field requiring certification. Our academic program caters to our college-prep population AND students ready to step into the world of work immediately after high school. We’ve purposefully maintained a low student-teacher ratio to offer the individualized support our unique students need. Our dual-enrollment program with neighboring colleges, our MakerSpace building, and our volunteer/internship/apprenticeship program allow students to explore the world beyond the classroom because we believe in experiential learning. Over the last 20 years, our program offerings have grown to include Chesapeake Bay Studies, Physics, and Honors Humanities courses. 

Whether you are a prospective family looking for application and enrollment information or an educator exploring career opportunities, we hope you find this website helpful in answering your questions. However, no matter how creative and innovative, a website cannot provide the rich experience a visit to our beautiful campus can bring. We invite you to see our school, experience the warmth of our community, and observe first-hand the dynamic and stimulating educational experience offered here each day. Please review our website and email Katie Lillard, Director of Enrollment and Communications, (443) 262-8267, to schedule a visit or learn more.




Stephanie Borges Folarin

Head of School

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