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Discover the Journey to WRUS: Unlocking Success for Students with Learning Differences

Wye River Upper School is the only high school within a 70 miles radius that is built and designed specifically for students with learning differences. Even then, families find that other specialty schools outside of this geographical range serve students with primary language-based diagnoses, excluding admission to students with a primary diagnosis of ADHD, high-functioning ASD, and other unique learning exceptionalities.

Due to the extremely high demand for rigorous, differentiated, college preparatory education, Wye River Upper School families commute from 11 different counties around the state of Maryland and Delaware.
Wye River Upper School bus
Our current bus routes pick up and drop off in Davidsonville, Annapolis, Cape St. Claire, Severna Park, Kent Island, Cambridge, Easton, Chestertown, and Churchill.

Convenient Transportation

With half of the Wye River student population traveling across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge each day, the school prioritizes how to accommodate family commute needs.

We prioritize student well-being, ensuring bus runs commence no earlier than 7 am, allowing ample time for rest and sleep before and after school hours. Our dedicated Director of Operations and Athletics, Ron Vener, meticulously plans transportation stops to accommodate each student traveling long distances. We understand the importance of accessibility, we go the extra mile by providing transportation services along five different routes.

“We try to avoid starting our bus runs before 7 am because we are aware that some of our students have long days between school and travel. We attempt to give them the opportunity for rest/sleep from and for the school day,” says Vener.

Aboard the WRUS Fleet

While commuting, our students enjoy a unique bus experience unlike any public school ride. With minimal stops along the route, the average commute time mirrors that of traditional school buses. During their journey, students utilize this time effectively by engaging in independent reading, completing, homework assignments, or simply unwinding and relaxing.

Students with learning differences traveling to school
Wye River Upper School students on their way home from school

“A forty-minute ride is typical for most school bus routes,” says Paula Schoon, Director of Student Services at Wye River. “My kids would spend that amount of time on their bus to get to school 12 miles away from our neighborhood.” Wye River buses make very few stops along their route, making the average commute time similar to the average public school bus ride

Safety Remains Top Priority For Our Students

At WRUS, we provide a safe transportation experience for students from the atmosphere on the bus to the drivers they entrust. Each bus or van is equipped with security cameras. In rare instances where behavioral concerns arise, our administration reviews the camera footage and takes appropriate action. Moreover, our team of highly qualified and reliable drivers undergoes thorough background checks, ensuring a secure transportation experience for our students.

“We are very fortunate to have a very qualified and reliable group of drivers. Each driver must submit and pass a background check and have a valid driver's license with no points against them,” ensures Vener.

Two school bus drivers chatting inside of a WRUS school bus
Wye River Upper School Bus Drivers, Roy Hughes and Herb Jones, wait for students to dismiss on the last day of school

The WRUS Advantage

What sets Wye River Upper School apart from other institutions is our commitment to fostering academic and social growth in students with diverse learning styles. Our dedicated faculty and staff create a supportive environment where students can thrive and unlock their full potential. We understand that distance should never hinder a student's access to an exceptional education, and that's why families are willing to travel to our Centreville campus to join our community. At Wye River, we cherish and honor the choices families make in prioritizing their child's education.

School mascot dog sitting in front seat of school bus
Archie, Wye River's furry family member, sits in the driver seat of one of the school's buses.

Enroll Your Student at WRUS

Wye River Upper School is a haven for students with learning differences, offering a tailored and inclusive educational experience like no other within a 70-mile radius. Our commitment to academic rigor, differentiation, and college preparation has drawn families from 11 counties in Maryland and Delaware. With our convenient transportation options and emphasis on safety and student well-being, families can rest assured that their journey to WRUS is not only worthwhile but also enhances the overall quality of their child's educational experience.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of academic and personal growth at Wye River Upper School!


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