Tuition, Financial Aid, Laptop Requirements and Transportation

An investment in your child’s future at Wye River Upper School is an investment in your child's future. Our tuition is based on the cost to offer a highly individualized education thanks to our dedicated faculty and staff.

2022-2023 Tuition

$ 33,000

Tuition Insurance $595

Total $ 33,595

Financial Aid

If Wye River looks like the right school for you, but the cost makes you hesitate, please talk to us. Our thriving financial aid program was crafted to be a useful resource for a wide range of income levels.

We utilize a non-profit group called F.A.S.T. (Financial Aid for Schools Tuition), which assists families and schools to fairly determine the appropriate level of aid. Additionally, we make Wye River affordable by offering flexible payment plan options that include two payments or 10 monthly payments. We can also work with families individually to set a payment schedule and plan that meets their needs.

Tuition covers a large portion of the costs associated with educating students at Wye River, but it does not cover all of them. Annual giving, foundation gifts, and endowment income help us bridge the gap. The support of our donors makes it possible for us to set reasonable tuition rates and also maintain a strong fund for financial aid. Click here to learn more about how to support our program.

Laptop Requirements

Every student is required to have a laptop computer that allows them to run Adobe Creative Cloud software. This chart provides specs for acceptable laptops. Please note that Tablets, Chromebooks and MacBook Air are not included on this list.


Daily bus transportation from many areas east and west of the bay bridge is available at an additional cost.