Theatre and Music

At Wye River Upper School, Theatre and Music Arts classes provide students with a multitude of opportunities for creative thinking and self-expression while fostering the development of social and emotional skills, improving academic abilities, and building self-confidence.

There is never a lack of talent or creative energy found within the Wye River music classroom. In fact, we have found it to be true that those with learning differences are more likely to be gifted in the area of the arts. More than half of our students are actors and musicians, and some continue to major in performing arts in a post-secondary setting.

We believe that the study of music helps students develop executive functioning skills and manage ADHD. Our music and theatre classes also give them the opportunity to decompress, share ideas, and elevate their creative imaginations.

Our students are passionate musicians, actors, songwriters, composers, playwrights, and technicians. During class, they have a good deal of time for exploration and collaboration. Our classes are, in many ways, self-directed.

There is something extraordinary about finding a place to be comfortable around other like-minded students, where they are encouraged to test the performing arts waters. Educators have seen them grow in confidence as artists and experimenters, and develop the technical skills needed to many performance platforms. More experienced students enjoy the chance to teach what they have learned to the newer instrumentalists with a great deal of patience and fun.

Ultimately, we are more of a coach and less of a teacher by noticing and nurturing talents that may have been undiscovered and fostering the obvious ones.

Theatre Arts

In our theatre arts classes, students participate in small and large scene workgroups, playwriting festivals, monologue performances, filming, commercial shoots, and directing.

Students will learn the art of pantomime and the concept of clear gesturing by exploring nonverbal communication, facial expressions, and different types of body language. Students will explore the fundamentals of improvisation and experience how to create improvised stories using quick thinking skills while interacting with classmates. During the spring, our entire school body, beloved theatre family volunteers, and the Wye River Upper School proudly look forward to participating and performing in our annual musical theatre production. A few of our past performances have included, Guys and Dolls, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, The Fantastics, The Wizard of Oz, and Cinderella.

Stage Production Class

Stage production class provides a wonderful opportunity for students to collaborate on building sets along with setting lighting cues, creating props, and sewing costumes. Students also participate in community outreach activities, marketing, advertising, and fundraising strategies. Our production students receive professional audio sound training as well as participate in community outreach activities with local area businesses and schools.