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Academics at Wye River

...because not all great minds think alike. 

Student Success Since 2002

Wye River Upper School offers a challenging academic program that’s designed and delivered with the needs of students who learn differently in mind.


Graduates receive a Wye River Upper School diploma as approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Students at Wye River Upper School explore the same college-preparatory subjects they would take at any other quality high school — English, Math, Arts & Music, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign Language — and along the way we help them gain the necessary skills, find solid resources, and develop the habits of mind they need to succeed doing challenging academic work.

No two students take exactly the same path. Students have a personalized Student Development Plan that’s tailored to their needs and guides their academic program.

Thriving high student sitting on staircase smiling

21st Century Learning

Classes blend traditional learning with a rich array of experiences outside the classroom, so our students learn in ways that research and experience shows they’ll learn best. Special offerings like our 21st Century Class enrich learning by involving students more deeply. The resources surrounding us—the Centreville community, Corsica River, the state capital in Annapolis, the Chesapeake Bay—help students learn in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a classroom setting.

Support They Need

Our philosophy is to assign homework as a tool to increase student stamina and success in postsecondary education. We strive to create engaging assignments that reinforce academic mastery and spark anticipation for future lessons, strengthen critical thinking, and encourage long-term planning and autonomy.

Mr. Baker discussing a book with a student

To the Future

All students go on from WRUS to find success and fulfillment in many walks of life following their graduation from Wye River Upper School. Each student's success matters to us - and that's why we're diligent in working with each student's journey in college and career planning meetings.

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