ADHD High School Students Welcome

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Support at Wye River

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a general term for a variety of attentional disorders, including ADD (no hyperactivity). At Wye River, we often find their "disorders" to be their strengths, if understood and channeled well. Our comprehensive approach includes common sense strategies for both mind and body that benefit ALL students, not only those with ADHD. Our goal is to capitalize on the strengths and gifts of each student's energy, creativity and "outside the box" thought process.

When you vist Wye River classrooms, you will see bright and cheerful spaces with desks arranged in many different configurations. Desks are often moved and reconfigured throughout the week to accomodate the variety of activities happening between classrooms. There are standing desks and sitting desks as well. There are fidgets and other tools available that quietly allow a student the freedom of subtle movement.

Throughout our curriculum, there is a balance between assignments that have the same requirements for all, and assignments offering opportunities for student choice. An example of a student choice assignment is where the student can display his/her knowledge through a verbal presentation, a written presentation, or an original movie. Another example is when students may choose between different books to read that are each about the same topic. Involving students in the decision-making, builds engagement and connection to learning, as well as encourages them to use their strengths.

Another sensible approach for supporting ADHD as well as all students, is the way we run required interscholastic sports and athletics first thing in the morning. Excercise is scientifically proven to increase blood flow to the body and the brain which has positive affects on memory, mood, focus, energy, and overall brain function. Mornings are hard on teenagers, and morning exercise gives them time to wake up, energize, and start the day off right. Morning athletics is followed by a healthy, protein based snack, and then the academic day begins at 9:45am. We end our day at 4:00pm which provides structure for students later in the afternoon.

At Wye River Upper School we accept applications all year and will issue credit based on prior transcripts and date of entry. We require documentation of abilities, strengths and needs through psycho-educational testing. Please feel free to contact us for referrals for testing at 410.827.5822 or

While Wye River Upper School is not able to support students with significant cognitive, emotional, or behavioral disturbances, we do encourage students with ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety and other learning challenges to apply.