Wye River Upper School is about changing lives.

We are a college-preparatory high school for bright students who learn differently. Some of our students have dyslexia. Some have ADHD. Some face other learning challenges. Many come to us feeling frustrated and discouraged, because in previous school settings they’ve struggled or fallen through the cracks.

At Wye River, they thrive.

They thrive because here they get an education that celebrates their strengths, recognizes their challenges, and works with both. They thrive because they learn in small classes where there are no cracks through which to fall. They thrive because they learn from teachers who believe in them and know how to bring out their best.

Students at Wye River grow intellectually and socially. They build skills, develop confidence, and acquire the tools they need to work with, around, or straight through the challenges they face. In the process, they can begin to see those challenges turn into strengths such as perseverance and creative problem-solving.

At Wye River students get an education that not only prepares them for college, but that positions them for success and fulfillment in life.