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Wye River Upper School changes the lives of bright students with learning differences by fully engaging them in a challenging educational experience that builds their skills and confidence and positions them for success and fulfillment in all walks of life. Some of our students have ADHD; others have Dyslexia while others have anxiety. They come to Wye River to discover their strengths and find the right level of support.


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5:1 Ratio

Small Student to Teacher Ratio

11 Counties

Number of Counties Represented Across Region

6-8 Students

Average Class Size at Wye River

50 Students

Average Student Body 
Population Size 

National & Regional Accreditation

Accredited Educational Programs through AIMS, NAIS, and MSA-CESS

Diverse Post-Graduation Paths

Graduates attend 2-year and 4-year college programs, vocational schools, and more

Dual-Enrollment Program

Juniors and Seniors can earn college credits, while still enrolled in high school courses

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