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The Importance of Trips and Traditions

At Wye River, we are building an academic foundation for students. We believe it is essential to spend time together bonding and learning. We begin learning about each other and the world in our classrooms; then, we apply what we’ve learned to the local community. Finally, we share and learn with the broader community.

This past Tuesday, the entire school visited the Adkins Arboretum and Tuckahoe National Park. This trip was officially the first all-school experiential learning trip of the school year. We spent time learning about local flora and fauna, examining and writing poetry in nature, and learning to take pictures of nature using the sun as our guide.

On Monday, October 10 (Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day), our Wye River students and staff will spend the day at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI). Over the years, our students have learned a lot about the shaping of this great nation and the people who inhabit it. This trip is the next step in their educational experience. We believe by touring this beautiful, expansive and insightful space, our students will gain a deeper connection to the native peoples of this land.

On Tuesday, February 28, we will again travel to Washington, DC, to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).

We have grade-level trips, like the one the 9th grade recently took to the Sultana Education Foundation. And we have quick trips around the corner to Mill Steam Park to observe wildlife and take water samples. There are trips that we plan and trips that students design, like the annual senior class trip. The location of this trip and chaperones of this trip are voted on by the senior class.

One of the longstanding and beloved all-school trips is our Corsica Day trip. We spend the day at the water, dancing, playing games, kayaking, enjoying the fire pit, and fishing. This trip happens in the spring and is a day of leisure and laughter.

With each trip we take, we build on our foundation. Experiential learning is a natural and embraced tradition at Wye River, and we intend to continue to build on our trips and traditions for years to come.


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