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Financial Literacy: Equipping High School Students for a Prosperous Future

Students learn how to budget

Developing financial literacy is crucial for high school students as they navigate life after graduation.

At Wye River Upper School (WRUS), seniors are provided with the tools to achieve financial stability and independence. Through the Financial Literacy Class, taught by the experienced Mrs. Kirsten Mosher, pictured above, students gain practical knowledge and problem-solving skills that prepare them for the real world.

Students play the stock market game.

The Stock Market Game Experience

As an elective course for senior students, the Financial Literacy Class at WRUS goes beyond theoretical concepts. Mrs. Mosher believes in the power of real-world application. To accomplish this, the class begins the year with an exciting project: participating in This virtual platform allows students to buy and sell stocks based on their actual current value in the New York Stock Exchange.

How The Game Is Played

Each group of students starts with a hypothetical budget of one hundred thousand dollars, challenging them to build profitable portfolios. In this process, they must consider various factors, such as short vs. long-term goals, low vs. high-risk investing, and current events that could impact stock values. The students learn how to evaluate a company's sales and profit growth, assess its debt load, and rate its management before deciding whether to invest.

Competition and Collaborative Learning

The Financial Literacy Class at WRUS fosters healthy competition and collaborative learning. Throughout the year, the two student teams compete against each other and other teams across the state to achieve the highest profit. This friendly competition encourages students to apply their knowledge, analyze trends, and make informed decisions.

Mrs. Mosher's Advice: "Do Your Research"

When it comes to investing, Mrs. Mosher's number one tip is simple yet powerful: "Do your research." Under her guidance, students learn the importance of thorough investigation. They delve into the world of stock markets, assess risks, and interpret trends collaboratively. These skills go beyond the stock market itself; they are essential for success in any career path and in life.

Preparing for a Prosperous Future

Financial literacy is a multifaceted skill set that prepares high school students for a prosperous future. The experience gained in the Financial Literacy Class at WRUS goes far beyond the stock market. By honing essential life skills such as budgeting, investing, and problem-solving, students are equipped to succeed in any walk of life. As budding investors, they are on the path to becoming confident and knowledgeable individuals.

At Wye River Upper School, the Financial Literacy Class empowers high school students to navigate the complexities of the financial world. Through hands-on experiences like the, students develop the skills necessary for financial stability and independence. With the ability to assess risks, analyze trends, and make informed decisions, these young investors are well-prepared for success in any line of work. Good luck to all the budding investors at WRUS as they embark on this transformative journey!


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