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Celebrating a 20 Year Legacy and Bright Future Ahead

Wye River Upper School changes the lives of high school students with learning differences.
Matthew Walker '17, Kasey Lipsey '16, Imani Spencer '15, Michael Lee '17, Meredith Dean '16

By now, you likely have heard the big news; we’re 20! As we kick off this new school year, it feels especially profound knowing that this is our 20th year of educating, impacting, inspiring, and nurturing great-minded students.

Of course, with significant milestones comes BIG celebrations. We hope you will join us on October 1st, 2022, at 6:00 pm at the Talbot Country Club for our 20th Anniversary Gala celebration. There will be fantastic food, even better music from the seven-piece band – Gold City, and an abundance of ways to support and celebrate all the work we do here at Wye River Upper School (WRUS).

There is much to commemorate as we reflect on our 20-year history as an institution. Wye River was built with heart and a determination to fulfill an enormous need within the educational opportunities in our community. We have spent 20 years building and evolving our program to fit the needs of our students best while challenging them academically and socially. WRUS has made additions to our offerings, such as the MakerSpace, clubs, electives, and honors classes- all to offer our students the opportunity to dip their toes in the waters of new skill sets while exploring and identifying new passions. With hard work and our community's generosity, we could purchase and renovate the Armory building, which we have now called home for nearly eight years. It has been a rewarding first twenty years.

But our 20th Anniversary is far more than reflecting on our past. It is also a time to look excitedly towards the next 20 years. We are constantly working towards the question of: what will we accomplish next? How will we continue to grow and expand? With Stephanie Folarin commencing her second year as Head of School, there seems to be a resounding sense of passion for our mission.

This 20th school year at Wye River Upper School is a thrilling time for our community, so we hope you will join us on October 1st to dance the night away as we celebrate all we have accomplished and all that is to come!

Kindly purchase your tickets by September 10th -

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