Singular Focus

One thing that sets Wye River Upper School apart is our singular focus on students who learn differently. Helping such students isn’t a tangent of our mission. It is our mission. And that makes all the difference.

Everything from the structure of the school day to the arrangement of desks in our classrooms is designed to meet the needs of students who learn differently. Teachers are trained to work with students with learning differences. Learning is individualized—each student has a learning plan, and no two plans are alike.

Visual and performing arts, educational technology, and hands-on experiences are everyday parts of a Wye River education because of how they enrich learning and because research has demonstrated their importance in the education of students who learn differently.

At some schools, students with learning differences head off a few hours a week to a special learning center where they try to address their challenges. Sometimes just walking into such a space can reinforce the stigma students are trying to overcome. At Wye River, we take a different approach. Here we focus on supporting all our students in every class and every activity, every day.