Changing Lives

Talk to Wye River students about what school was like before they came here, and some common themes emerge..

The previous schools—and especially the classes—were too big. When students struggled with a subject, their teachers were either too busy to give them the attention they needed, or lacked the skills to do so, or both. Without the help and guidance they needed, many smart, capable kids began to doubt themselves. They lost confidence in their ability to learn. They began to feel like school was not for them.

At Wye River, we turn this around. Classes are small, and teachers give students the time and attention they need—in and out of the classroom. Teachers understand the unique needs of students who learn differently, and have the freedom and creativity to help students learn the best way possible. We celebrate strengths and build on them. We help students understand their weaknesses and adapt accordingly. Kids feel safe here—to try new things, to be themselves.

Students who may have once struggled to pass classes find they’re earning ‘A’s and ‘B’s doing challenging academic work. Students who once felt like outsiders make friends for life in a close-knit community full of people who care about them and want them to succeed.

Programs like Demonstrations of Learning ensure that the good things that happen here keep happening after students graduate. Students learn to set personal goals, to communicate persuasively, to collaborate with each other and with organizations outside of the classroom, to exercise leadership. They build an online portfolio that showcases their strengths and talents.

When they graduate, Wye River students know themselves. They become their own best advocates. They leave here as confident, capable young adults. They leave transformed, their lives changed by all that happened here.