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May 2020

Dear Friend,

As we at Wye River Upper School (WRUS) continue to respond and adapt to the demands placed upon us by Covid-19, I want to extend my appreciation for your vision for and interest in Wye River Upper School.

I believe that you, like most of us, have come to more fully appreciate, following nearly two months of remote online learning, that the value of a high school experience, such as that which WRUS provides, is truly priceless and schools such as ours must exist, live and in person.

I can confidently share with you, as a prospective WRUS family in search for a good fit for your student, that the school is healthy, with strong fall enrollment and a superb faculty and staff that has proven it’s worth in this Pandemic. I encourage you to continue your work to explore WRUS as an option, one of a very few like us in the state of MD or Delaware.

Begin with a thorough exploration of this website, it is fresh with photos of recent grads, students and curricula. As well explore our Facebook page which offers even more up to date highlights of school activities, particularly in this remote online learning.

Once you have previewed our social media, please do call us. We are fully operational from our homes. Call the school at 410-758-2922 and Mrs. Cowan can direct you to one of three administrators, including myself. We can answer most if not all of your questions.

No one can say with any certainty what the Fall school year will look like. In fact a team of administrators and Board are planning to be prepared for a variety of scenarios in the fall and winter. That includes our students and staff being present in our beautiful Armory while maintaining all expectations for social distancing and personal protection.

As we have heard a bzillion times, we will get through this, together. WRUS has always been on the leading edge of adapting and responding to what is best for our students. This will be no different. Our students, present and future, need a high school like WRUS and in that we are most confident. We will all be back together, hopefully with you and your student as a part of our caring community. Please take your next step to explore Wye River Upper School.


Chrissy Aull

Founding Head of School