Wye River's 2019-20 Speaker Series

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Diagnosed learning differences and executive function deficits often become scapegoats for a far more sinister problem: poor study skills. Fortunately, the solution for these academic challenges is the same as the answer to neurotypical students’ academic problems: improved academic skills and time management.

Unless students learn how to navigate their cognitive circumstances, they’re at risk of not getting their money’s worth in college or not finding satisfying work in a rewarding field, because study skills are directly equivalent to job skills and life skills.

High school is a grind. The only way for students to have more free time, experience less stress, and enjoy increased motivation is to learn how to learn more efficiently so that they have more time to go do cool stuff.

This talk will highlight simple, practical ways to help your students improve their study skills and time management. Come for the candor, stay for the strategies, and bring your toughest questions!

Smith Rivas Study Skills and Academic Coaching

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