Annika Koehler, Graduate

"Before coming here, I felt like I was falling through the cracks and my grades suffered. I often felt like I didn’t fit in or wasn’t popular enough. One-size-fits-all did not work for my learning style.

"Wye RIver was very different. Socially, I felt like I fit here. There were friend groups here but it wasn’t exclusive, not like clicks. You could sit wherever you wanted at lunch. I really liked the family-style atmosphere and I thrived.

"This was the first time in my life that I was able to do well. I knew what I was doing. My grades were strong. I got into NHS. And I made lifelong friends that I keep in touch with today. It was just the right environment for me.

"Wye River taught me how to be an advocate for myself and to seek out the help I needed."

Currently completing her prerquisite courses at Chesapeake College, Annika Kohler will transfer to Nursing School at the Univeristy of Maryland. She then plans to get her master's degree and become a women’s health nurse practioner.

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