Conor Prochaska, Graduate

"I was kind of worried about fitting in at Wye River, but coming here was a really great experience. . . small classes, and teachers who take time to make sure you understand--they avoid hand-holding and help you figure out what you are doing.

"I was doing an art project and I was terrible at art and Mr. Martinez would come sit next to me, and say, you know how to do this and talk me through it. The teachers are just amazing. It’s so different when you have teachers who work on such a personal level—it makes all the difference.

"Wye River talks about preparing students for college, and learning to take notes like I did at Wye River was a huge part of my being prepared—history class, bio, math—college math is almost entirely reliant on your note-taking skills. The Wye River teachers enforced us learning to do it."

Conor Prochaska is currently studying history and secondary education at Salisbury University. He would like to be an 8th grade history teacher: “I’d like to help kids overcome conditions that I struggled with as a kid.”

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