Kate Draper, Student

“The public high school was too big. I didn’t fit in. I never fell in with the right group.

“At Wye River the biggest way I’ve grown is socially. The community is tight-knit. You learn to get along with other people. You make friends with other kids and adults. The teachers set good examples for us. I’ve learned to stand up for myself. I’ve learned to respectfully state my opinion. The School teaches you the skills you need to succeed as an adult.

“My first day of school here, I was so nervous. My last class was music. I just sat down and started playing my guitar. Then one guy comes in and sets up his drums, and another comes in with his electric guitar, and we all started playing. It was the first time in my life anyone had joined me in anything.”

Following that first day in music class, Kate Draper and her new friends formed a band called the Khakis, which continues to play at school events.

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