Alex Strauel, Graduate

“Before Wye River I kind of got lost in the system in school. I learned how to slip under the radar, and that’s where I was comfortable.

At Wye River there’s no judgment. Everyone’s really accepting, because everyone’s different in their own way. You make friends easily. When I started at Ithaca College, I was easily one of the most social people in the freshman class.

“At Ithaca, a lot of our projects are presentations. Wye River really prepared me for that. Teachers constantly put you in front of the classroom and let you use your creativity. You have a one-to-one experience with them, and they treat you not just as another student, but as someone who really matters. That’s something Wye River excels at.”

Wye River grad Alex Strauel is a sophomore in the prestigious Park School of Communication at Ithaca College, where he is preparing for a career in music management.

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