Building Endowment Funds

In 2014, Wye River Upper School successfully completed the renovation of the former Maryland National Guard Armory - built in 1926 and located in Centreville, Maryland. We are grateful to our donors for their gifts of all sizes, purpose and timelines that has allowed our school to grow our footprint.

The building has become a character in our story. Our students love this unique and warm space as a place of learning. When you come by (and we hope you do), you will see student artwork on the walls, hear music from the baby grand piano on the stage, and most importantly see students in classrooms designed with them in mind. Standing desks, audio-visual equipment, and displays of student work make up every classroom. The gymnasium has been host to home basketball games, theatrical performances, dance classes, kick-ball games, the prom, and of course, graduation.

The project to renovate the Armory has a positive impact on many levels. It has provided a permanent home for Wye River Upper School students, while revitalizing a meaningful historic landmark, making a structure that was once an eyesore, now a source of pride in the community. We are proud to have repurposed an existing structure. Our presence continues to boost the local economy, as our families spend money in and around Centreville. We partner with community organizations like the Queen Anne's County Library, making space for local non-profits to hold special events in our beautiful gymnasium.

You may give a gift or make a pledge to help assure our presence and success well into the future. Consider your interest in one of many endowment opportunities.

Please contact Director of Development and Philanthropy, Emma Rose Mumma with any questions at or 443-262-8291.