Meet Zenobia

Zenobia Howard is a Wye River graduate from the Class of 2012. With an infectious smile and a myriad of interests, Zenobia (Z) brought much joy to the Wye River community. Z transferred to Wye River at the start of her junior year. She had been attending another private school where she was doing alright, but her family felt like she needed a place where she could thrive.

“I took a chance to leave a school I liked and was doing OK in, to transfer to Wye River, where we thought I would better succeed. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” said Zenobia in her 2012 graduation speech. Z reflected on the period when she first arrived at Wye River. She particularly needed more support in Math. She described how her teachers, “broke things down” for her. “I appreciated how my teachers took their time with me. If you weren’t understanding the material- they would be patient and not rush you. They made you feel like they were there for you.”

Z also truly enjoyed her peers at Wye River. She liked how there were other kids with challenges of their own and how everyone was open and accepting. “There was no judging. We were there for one another. It was a different type of interaction,” explained Z.

Over her two years at Wye River, Z discovered that she had talents in public speaking and in acting which helped her to gain confidence. She was in the play each year, and her senior year she landed a lead role. She commented, “I don’t think I ever would have done that in my old school.” At graduation where any Wye River senior is allowed to deliver a speech, Z volunteered. In her speech she thoughtfully thanked her very supportive family and her teachers. She complimented all of her wonderful friends and shared words of faith and encouragement about their future endeavors.

Z is now a graduate of Mitchell College where she majored in Hospitality, Tourism and Hotel Management. She was very involved in her college just as she was at Wye River. She was a member of the Hospitality Club, and The Dance Team. She even started a music club where she got together with other students and played the violin.

Z is currently working at the Weston in Annapolis as a front desk agent. She has plans to begin working toward a Masters in Human Resources. She is hoping to one day be an HR Director in a hotel. With her confidence, strength of character, and experience, Z is sure to do well in whatever she pursues.

When asked what advice she would give to Wye River students she shared, “Take your time visiting colleges. Make sure you feel like you can fit in. It needs to feel right and comfortable for you.”

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