Meet Matt

Matt Swanton, Class of 2017, is a caring and hardworking student who contributed a great deal to the Wye River community over his four years. Matt and his family choose Wye River because they felt their local public school was not a great fit. Though academically Matt was doing OK in his old school, the environment made it difficult for him to focus and the overall social experience was not positive. Matt recalls that when he transferred to Wye River, it took a little time at first to make his friends, but before long he became very social. “People were honest and I was comfortable around my friends at Wye River. It was a personable and cheerful group. I got along with everyone, and I wasn’t scared to say something. There was just this level of respect.”

While at Wye River, Matt’s interests expanded and he became involved in many aspects of school life. He ran cross country, and played basketball and tennis. Matt was in the play for a few years in a row. He worked diligently to earn his spot in the National Honor Society.

Matt attributed much of his success to the teachers at Wye River. He said that the teachers always found the time to help him. They encouraged him to ask questions and Matt described how his teachers, “taught in ways that made difficult topics understandable.” Matt recalls that it was important for him in high school to improve his planning and organization, “The teachers also would help you to form a plan. If you couldn’t figure it out at first, they were there to help.”

Matt now attends Washington College where he lives on campus and is learning his way around a new and exciting place. Matt still uses his organization tools to help him. “Everyday after class – I get myself organized. I go to the library to work. I ask myself what do I need to get done and when am I going to do it.” Matt is not sure about his major yet and though he has time to explore his options, he is strongly considering Environmental Sciences.

Matt has a goal to study abroad one semester while at Washington College. He is keeping himself busy and meeting new people by joining the Students Events Board. He plans to DJ events at the school. He has also joined the Running Club in order to stay in shape. He has fun in his free time long-boarding around campus and meeting up with friends for dinner.

When asked about advice he would give to the Wye River students Matt shared, “Don’t procrastinate. Plan things out. If you do things last minute there is no room for revision and it might not be your best work. Give yourself time to review and improve your writing and your projects before you turn things in.”

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