College and Career Counseling

At Wye River, we make it a priority to support students and families in planning for life after high school. Our college counselor offers grade-level meetings where students create personal resumes, complete career interest surveys, discuss topics such as leadership and service, and develop their understanding of the various options available to them after graduation. Students explore personal interests, dreams and goals and discuss the impact their current choices can have towards meeting those goals. They learn about the standardized testing process and local options for SAT prep classes.

At WRUS students will also engage in an in-depth exploration of college and career options through a program called Naviance. Naviance helps our students create a personalized plan that aligns their strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life. Our current parents and students can login to this program here.

Furthermore, juniors and seniors are exposed to a number of colleges and postsecondary programs by visiting campuses, attending college fairs, and listening to select representatives present at Wye River. Over the years, our counseling office has developed a strong understanding of the different types of support offered at a variety of colleges. We enjoy hearing back from our alumni about their successes in schools that have proven to be a good fit.