Social Skills Development

At Wye River, we build in strategies and opportunities to grow and strengthen our students' social skills and emotional development. Research demonstrates that strong and adaptive social and emotional growth is key to success in adulthood.

The typical progression of social and emotional skills can be impacted by neurological differences including ADHD, dyslexia and Aspergers. Children whose needs are not well supported in school may develop behaviors as they mature, including depression, anxiety, and frustration. By the time they reach high school, their academic growth can be hampered by their social and emotional needs.

Our work begins with our goal to identify our students' strengths and interests while supporting their needs. Many of our students come to Wye River having left their passions at the bottom of the list while struggling to keep up with their school work. Here they study and perform music, pursue the art of acting, and participate in as many as three fitness programs yearly. We want them to revive passions and find new ones and learn that their hidden talents can carry them through what weaknesses they may have.

This new found self esteem becomes the foundation to navigate through challenging teenage years.

With a staff-student ratio of 4:1, we pay attention to our students' social interactions in all settings and situations. Teachers provide constant modeling and are trained to redirect social interactions in need of improvement. Since 2014, Wye River has partnered with Community Mediation Upper Shore, Inc to help students learn effective ways to manage conflict.

Our Dean of Students is a resource for students and families as she provides classroom and one-to-one support for a variety of needs, including social-emotional skills. She offers small group opportunities that include role playing and reviewing student interactions with peers and adults. If a student works with a therapist (or similar professional) outside of school, our Dean of Students communicates as needed with that person to create consistency and broaden understanding.

Our curriculum focuses on student collaboration, effective communication, and problem solving with peers. Developing these skills prepares students for success beyond high school. We support every student, at whatever point they may be when they enroll, to improve and strengthen social skills.