All students at Wye River begin each day with morning athletics. Why? Because research has shown that morning exercise boosts students’ mood, focus, and energy throughout the day. Doing sports first gives us a head start on all that follows. This is especially crucial for students who have ADHD. One of our favorite resources on this topic is author and psychiatrist, John Ratey:

Athletic activities play an important part in a student's full development and growth. We emphasize teamwork and personal improvement in all of our sports. Because we value athletics so much for all students, we have a “no cut” policy for our teams so all students have the opportunity to play a competitive sport, whereas in other school settings, they may not get the chance. Regardless of a student’s past athletic experience, there is a climate of support and encouragement, all the while striving for improved skills and excellence. Experienced athletes mentor students who are new to a sport. Hard work and determination enable all of our student athletes to reach new heights. Many of our students never imagined they could compete athletically, let alone be genuinely encouraged by a team of friends.

We offer interscholastic athletic options for our students.The following sports and activities are offered over the course of the school year:

  • Interscholastic Competitive Co-Ed Soccer

  • Interscholastic Competitive Basketball

  • Interscholastic Competitive Volleyball

  • Interscholastic Competitive Cross Country

  • Personal Fitness

Additional offerings are rotated in from year to year based on student interest such as martial arts and field & court sports. For further information regarding Wye River athletics please contact Athletic Director, Ron Vener: (443)262-8260,