Student Life

The Wye River staff works to find the balance between a teenager's quest for independence and their continued need for structure and boundaries. We focus our instruction and enrichment on the social, emotional, physical and academic strengths and needs of our students. Academic rigor and high behavior standards are central to the positive development of future citizens and young adults. Student life at Wye River includes:

  • Field trips designed to expand our students' horizons, provide real-life learning experiences, and reinforce what’s happening in the classroom

  • A variety of off-campus learning opportunities

  • Competitive and non-competitive athletics

  • Drama, fine arts, dance and music productions

  • Access to counseling in life skills and choices

  • Work-study and career learning opportunities for seniors

  • Dual-enrollment opportunities for qualified students

  • College Advisory Program

    Overall, we strive to enrich our student's high school experiences through diverse learning opportunities and activities that develop the "whole child."