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School Counselor

Job Type

Full Time

School Counselor


About the Role

School Counselor is a Ten-Month Employee, part-time with the potential for full-time in the future reporting to the Director of Student Services. This position is responsible for providing support and guidance to students, families, teachers, and staff and addressing systemic social and emotional issues that arise in the community. All faculty/staff are expected to work towards Wye River Upper School's mission. Possible Range for this position: Full-Time $60-70,000/year + Benefits


- Bachelor's Degree with a background in counseling

- Mastery of skills/content/understandings of counseling and developmental stages of students, 9-12

- Experience using standard office equipment and school technology

- Ability to work collaboratively as a member of a team

- Effective communication skills (written and verbal)

Professional Responsibilities

- Compliance with WRUS policies/procedures as stated in the personnel handbook

- Regular and punctual attendance

- Participation in staff meetings

- Completion of non-teaching duties, including lunch and trips

- Participation in school-wide events, including assemblies, open houses, Back to School Night, etc.

- Participation in regular goal-setting, reflection, and professional growth opportunities

- Communication with therapists and other outside professionals that work with WRUS students

- An enthusiastic and strong work ethic and be a team player, and self-starter

- Alignment with WRUS mission, philosophy, and program goals

- Collaboration with teachers and Dean of Students in the creation and implementation of social-emotional curriculum for students (both formal and informal)

- Observation of individual students in the classrooms to assist the teachers in supporting students with social and/or emotional needs

- Collaboration with teachers and the Dean of Students to modify/adapt the social-emotional curriculum to meet the needs of students

- Individual and small group meetings with students to address various needs (friendship, anxiety, anger, etc.)

- Co-teaching in the classroom when appropriate on social-emotional learning topics

- Purchasing supplies/materials to support student learning using the allotted budget

- Assessment & Feedback:
- Review of report cards for students with social-emotional needs

- Attendance of student conferences when appropriate

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