A message from Dave Mullen, Interim Head of School

Dear Friends,

What a whirlwind year we have had together! And yet I would not have traded being with you this year for any other adventure I might have undertaken. Getting to know so many terrific kids and teachers, as well as the larger Wye River community, has been a joy, even if far too many of our interactions have been through Zoom windows.

You have at Wye River a generous and kind community that has been welcoming to me throughout these tumultuous months of my brief tenure. Treasure what you have. Keep being kind, and keep being generous, especially to this wonderful school, which deserves your support. And be kind and generous with Mrs. Folarin as she moves Wye River Upper School forward to new heights.

My own plan is to have no plan, at least for the next year, after which we’ll see what adventures beckon. I look forward to joining my faculty colleagues when we open our time capsule in 2046, and watching the Class of 2021 (likely from afar) when they open their covid time-capsule in 2071 at their 50th reunion party!

As I take my leave, I’d like to offer you these closing thoughts from a poem by Maya Angelou which I shared with my colleagues at the beginning and end of this school year. I do hope that you, also, will “Continue.”

With gratitude,

Dave Mullen
Interim Head of School

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