Effective Communication: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Clearly communicating ideas is an art form. At Wye River Upper School, we help our students enhance this skill through our Interpersonal Communication course. Our students learn the significance of positive body language, listening to understand versus waiting to respond, and the difference between good communication and effective communication. This summer, I had the opportunity to review our Interpersonal Communication curriculum and found many fantastic tips that can be used by anyone who is interested in becoming a better communicator.

Tips for Good, Better, Best Communication: Giving Feedback

  • Good: Share information that is specific, practical, and positive.
  • Better: Understand the needs, wishes, and values of the person to whom you give feedback.
  • Best: Most importantly, be empathetic!

Listen, Process and Reflect: Receiving Feedback

  • Listen more than you speak.
  • Be mindful of your feelings while receiving critiques from someone else.
  • Remember, this feedback is an opinion; you can take it or leave it.

We encourage our students to practice communicating in person and via email with the staff at our school. We take these opportunities first to answer any questions or concerns the students raise. And second, to help them improve the way they are giving or receiving feedback. Wye River Upper School is a safe space to make mistakes. We are each other’s accountability partners and cheerleaders.

I encourage you to apply some of the tips outlined above to strengthen your communications skills. Good luck!


Head of School


  • Shawn Callahan

    Shawn Callahan 1 month ago

    These are good tips for all of us to use in everyday life. I think the value placed on mindfulness is spot-on.

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