Do students without learning differences attend Wye River?

Yes. Students thrive at Wye River because of the academic and emotional support, class size, creative teaching strategies and teacher experience. In fact, we often say that every student should learn this way. Sometimes families seek out Wye River primarily because their student is struggling to feel connected in their current school environment. This could be due to anxiety, the feeling of being overwhelmed academically, or the sense that they do not belong socially. We understand that learning is negatively impacted when a student does not feel connected. Wye River supports the whole student by focusing not only on academics but also on making our students feel comfortable, safe, confident, and free to be themselves.

Do students graduate with a high school diploma?

Yes. Our curriculum leads to a high school diploma approved by the Maryland Department of Education. We are accredited by the Association of Independent Maryland and D.C. Schools (AIMS).

Is testing required to apply to Wye River?

In order to better understand if Wye River can meet the needs of each student, we use diagnostic testing for our admissions process in the form of a Psychoeducational Evaluation (or similar evaluation). Testing is considered complete if it includes a test of cognition (WISC, Woodcock Johnson), and achievement (Woodcock Johnson, WIAT) and is determined to be complete by the specialists involved. If your student has not had testing done or it has been more than three years since they have been tested, please contact the admissions office to discuss your options and resources.

Do Wye River teachers follow a certain curriculum?

Our teachers design curriculum that is responsive to students’ needs. Authority for curriculum design, scope and sequence is given to department leaders and teachers with oversight from the Assistant Head of School. We consistently emphasize authentic learning and helping our students make higher-level and critical thought connections. Within our own curriculum, teachers develop lessons to meet nationally recognized standards to ensure student readiness for postsecondary learning.

How are Wye River graduates doing after graduation?

Many of our alumni are sharing their college career stories with us and we are proud to hear of their successes. With the help of our college and career counselor, graduates learn what to look for in a good college fit. We emphasize that students should continue to have access to academic and social/emotional support in college as needed.

How many students come from Anne Arundel, Prince George’s and other counties west of the bay? How is their experience with the commute?

Approximately half our students and families come from west of the Bay. Western shore families say they are comfortable with the commute for their students. There are multiple bus drop-off and pick-up locations on three different routes, so families can find the location that works best for them. Students report that they enjoy their time spent on the bus relaxing after a busy day and being together with friends. The direction of our buses is opposite the morning and evening rush of traffic which also helps alleviate travel times. Visit our location and transportation page for more info.

Does Wye River offer financial aid?

Wye River does not offer scholarships. We do, however, offer a very successful financial aid program and have worked with families with a wide range of income levels. Our financial aid fund is strengthened by the support of donors and foundations who believe in the mission of our school. Visit our financial aid page for more information.

What are flexible payment plans?

A Wye River education is imperative to the success of our students. Many have come from other schools that did not create or support an environment for students who learn differently. Many of our students come from families that have not planned on private school. These families arrive at our school out of need and a desire to give their child the best possible opportunity for success. Visit our tuition and financial aid page for further information.

Under what circumstances would a student not be accepted to Wye River?

Wye River is not able to support students with significant cognitive, emotional, or behavioral needs. Through the admissions process, we evaluate the student in the context of our ability to meet their needs and effectively develop their strengths.

Wye River Upper School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, employment policies, financial aid programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.