Many students and families ask about the amount of homework we assign. While we understand the importance of developing scholarship at home, we also believe in the value of time spent with family in the evening. Because many students exhaust their mental stamina during our busy school day, we work to find a balance between promoting independent scholarship and encouraging needed rest.

Our philosophy is to assign homework as a tool to increase student stamina and success in postsecondary education. We strive to create engaging assignments that not only reinforce academic mastery, but spark anticipation for future lessons, strengthen critical thinking, and encourage long-term planning and autonomy--skills needed not only in college but in life.

We also recognize that several academic subjects can be a lot for students to manage, especially when executive functioning needs come into play. To support students in their homework completion, we offer a daily Advisory period, where students work with a teacher advisor to plan and begin assignments, develop timelines for long-term projects, and monitor grades together. Students are encouraged to seek academic help when needed and self-advocate when they require additional time to complete their work. This is all part of our desire to foster independence and help students develop organizational systems that work for them.

Furthermore, all students complete a quarterly independent reading project to enhance comprehension on all levels, encourage time-management, develop scholarship and fluency, and spark a true interest in texts of all kinds. This project alone has helped foster a culture at Wye River where students talk about books often and genuinely enjoy reading.