Flight 2025: Greater Heights for Greater Minds

The Visionary Plan Charting Wye River's Course​

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A Message From the Chair of Wye River's Board of Trustees, Alexa Seip

In 2014, the Wye River Upper School Board of Trustees, led by John Devlin (Board Chair, 2010-2016), debuted a strategic plan that established a permanent home for the School in the Centreville Armory. No longer was the School wandering around leased spaces at Chesapeake College. We had a HOME! We are celebrating the beginning of our sixth year in this wonderful building.

Now that the School has grown into its new home, it’s time to take the next step in growth and maturity.

To ensure that the voices of Trustees, faculty, administrators , parents of students and community leaders were heard, we enlisted the help of Brooke Carroll of Acies Strategies to lead us through a five year strategic planning process. Ten months of conversation, focus groups, and brainstorming has produced Wye River’s flight plan for the next five years, Flight 2025. Three interconnecting circles of Program, Communication and Financial Stability make up the Flight.

Wye River will continue to be and build on its leadership in the curriculum, pedagogies and methodologies for students who learn differently. Wye River will communicate our Flight to current parents and students, future Wye River families, current and future faculty, our community and the world at large. Wye River will fly above the rest.

We will manage our financial resources prudently and respectfully, for it is not our money. It belongs to our current families through their tuition payments, our donors who most graciously make up the difference between tuition and operating budget, foundations that fund new and exciting programs, and to those who have bequested gifts to Wye River in their estate plans. We will not squander what doesn’t belong to us.

The full Flight 2025 plan with goals and strategies is available for your review. Take a look at what heights we and our students will accomplish in five years. I’m proud of this special place. We will work really hard to make you proud of us, too.