Dear Friends,

Welcome to Wye River Upper School! I joined this community of students and educators because I deeply believe in the mission of nurturing great minds that think differently. By visiting our website, then our campus, you will come to better know the amazing people that make up this terrific school. Being a member of the WRUS community as a student, teacher, or parent, can truly be a transformative experience.

Wye River was founded to provide bright kids who have been frustrated in school the support and understanding they need. Instead of looking for deficits, Wye River celebrates each student’s unique approach to learning and how they perceive the world.

We enjoy our students’ energy, vision, spunk, and intellect. The support and understanding they have received from their teachers helps them become trusting as well as engaging people who are enthusiastic about using their talents and hurdling through life’s challenges. Our students are transformed in the classroom, as well as in their home lives, the minute they step foot in the campus. We are privileged to be part of this journey.

Since 2002 the WRUS community has worked hard to create a school that every parent would wish for their child, regardless of their learning style. Wye River is a place where kids’ emotional, academic, neurological and social needs thrive. The school day begins with a rigorous physical work out. Classes are small, enabling every student to develop wonderful relationships with caring teachers. We provide both structure and accountability in a nurturing setting, while helping our students learn to balance freedom and responsibility. We offer many opportunities to showcase students’ energy and individual interests including sports, theater, fine arts, and strong academics.

For over 40 years, I have worked with students who have learning disabilities, attention challenges, and other issues that interfere with learning, including some of my own children. I understand the challenges of raising teens in an anxious society, and living through a pandemic has certainly raised the stake for all of us.

As you search for the right school for your child, I encourage you to stay on our website, and then email Tracie Spence, Director of Enrollment Management and Communications. Take the opportunity to come and tour the school, and interact with our staff and students. From there, you can determine if the WRUS experience will be the right fit for your child.


Dave Mullen

Interim Head of School