Welcome to Wye River Upper School, New Friends!

Here at Wye River, we provide a safe and nurturing learning environment filled with opportunities for young adults. Our staff is especially adept at creating educational experiences that support each learners' emotional and social growth.

This community was established in 2002 by Chrissy Aull, a special educator with a dream of creating a loving and academically challenging school for her child. Our students begin each school day with a rigorous physical workout in locations throughout Centreville. We offer our students a strong academic program and an opportunity to showcase their talents in various activities, including theater, fine arts, music, and a variety of sports. We work to ensure that our classes remain small so each student has an opportunity to develop strong relationships with their teachers. We are intentional in providing both structure and accountability while helping our students balance freedom and responsibility.

Whether you are a prospective family looking for application and enrollment information or an educator exploring career opportunities, we hope you find this website helpful in answering your questions. However, no matter how creative and innovative, a website cannot provide the rich experience a visit to our beautiful campus can bring. We invite you to see our school, experience the warmth of our community, and observe first-hand the dynamic and stimulating educational experience offered here each day. Please continue to review our website and then email Tracie Spence, Director of Enrollment Management and Communications, 443.262.8292, to schedule a visit or learn more.


Stephanie Borges Folarin

Head of School