Dear Friends,

I want to welcome you to the Wye River Upper School community. I applaud you for taking this step to learn more about us. Whatever your motivation or need, it is not always easy to challenge the status quo and consider alternatives. By virtue of being here, you are making an important first step toward what could become a very positive change. As you spend time learning about Wye River, I hope you will have a sense of the transformation that happens here and feel empowered to call us and keep your pursuit moving forward.

Wye River was founded out of a need to provide bright, deserving, spirited kids with the support and understanding they need and crave. We focus on their strengths and celebrate them. Rather than negating their attributes, Wye River’s secret is in appreciating our students' strengths - their energy, vision, spunk, intellect. The support and understanding they receive here soon transforms students into trusting, engaged kids, who, rather than hide from opportunities, become willing to use their skills and talents while strengthening their weaknesses.

Once our students begin to evolve, their families evolve with them. A happy student makes for a happy family. It is a wonderful and heartwarming dynamic that we nurture at Wye River. Our faculty and staff feel privileged to be a part of this journey.

Through the years, we’ve worked hard to create a school that every parent would wish for their child, no matter their learning style. Wye River is a place where kids’ emotional, academic, neurological and social needs are foremost in our planning. Hence, we begin our school day with a rigorous, goal-oriented physical work out. Classes are small, enabling every student to develop wonderful relationships with their caring teachers. We provide structure and accountability while cultivating their role as citizens and future stewards of a greater community. We provide outlets for their energy and individual interests - through sports, theatre, fine arts, and a strong selection of academic coursework.

As a special educator and parent of a young man with ADHD, dyslexia and executive function challenges, I understand the decision you are considering in selecting an appropriate school and learning environment for your child. I encourage you to read through this web site then speak with our Director of Enrollment Management and Communications, Kimberleigh Garcia. Take the opportunity to come and tour the school, and talk to our staff and students. We know the experience will help you determine if Wye River is the right fit for your child.

For some families the decision comes down to two questions - can I afford this and how will I get my student to the Eastern Shore? We have made it our mission to serve students and their families who need our school regardless of economic status and we have made transportation possible for students all across the region - on both sides of the bay. Read through our financial aid page and our transportation page to learn more.

Please do not hesitate to call me at 410-758-2922 with any questions or concerns. I have walked your walk and I understand your needs and desires for your child. I hope that Wye River might be a part of your plan.


Chrissy Aull

Head of School