Teaching Students with Dyslexia at Wye River Upper School

Wye River Upper School, an independent high school, is a non-profit, college-preparatory, private school for students with dyslexia and other diagnosed learning differences, serving grades 9-12.

We employ teachers and teaching assistants trained in Orton-Gillingham, Visualizing/Verbalizing and experienced in administering informal reading assessments. Students with documented need for continued reading instruction may be enrolled in small group instruction, for credit. Final scheduling assignments are at the discretion of the Academic Dean or Head of School. A Student Development Plan is written for every student within the first semester of their enrollment. The SDP utilizes goals based on a student's individual achievement and behavioral data, and is updated quarterly to monitor student progress. Parents and student participate in an annual goal setting conference.

WRUS is an experienced school for students with dyslexia with low student teacher ratios and creative teaching strategies. We have a unique approach to education and teaching dyslexia students.

At Wye River Upper School we accept applications all year and will issue credit based on prior transcripts and date of entry. We require documentation of abilities, strengths and needs through psycho-educational testing. Please feel free to contact us for referrals for testing at 410.827.5822 or info@wyeriverupperschool.org.

While Wye River Upper School is not able to support students with significant cognitive, emotional or behavioral disturbances, we do encourage students with ADHD and dyslexia plus other unique learning styles to apply.