Wye River Upper School 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 Years of Wye River Upper School

Dear Friends,

2022 marks an unprecedented time in the history of Wye River Upper School. It is our 20th anniversary –– a moment when we can reflect on our past triumphs and look forward to a bright future for this institution and its students.

Co-founder and former Head of School Chrissy Aull and co-founder Patricia McGlannan opened the doors to Wye River Upper School in September 2002. Nearly 20 years later, this school has supported the academic growth of almost 900 students with learning differences. We applaud the tenacity and vision of the founders of Wye River Upper School and honor all the sacrifices they made to make this school a reality.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "perseverance" as the quality that allows someone to continue working to achieve something even though it is difficult. Our students, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees embody the spirit of perseverance. Wye River Upper School is unlike any other school in a 70-mile radius. We provide a critical service. We specialize in educating neurodiverse children, especially those with Attention Deficit Hyperactive/Inattentive Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Dyslexia/Dysgraphia. Over the last two decades, we have provided a top-tier education to unique students who have these learning differences. In partnership with their parents and education professionals, we've designed a specialized academic program that continues to stretch and grow the intellectual curiosity of our students.

As educators dedicated to excellence, we are committed to giving our students the best education possible. We steadily grow our knowledge base and toolkit by engaging in professional development opportunities onsite and throughout the nation. 50% of our staff hold master's degrees, and all of them are dedicated to learning and growing in the profession. In the last 20 years, our program offerings have grown to include Chesapeake Bay Studies, Physics, and Honors Humanities courses. We created an entire building for our MakerSpace curriculum and we continue to develop project-based and student-centered courses for each subject. We know we are doing something right because Wye River Upper School alumni have become leaders in their workplaces and communities. In nearly 20 years, we have distinguished ourselves as a place where seeds of dreams blossom.

As Wye River Upper School prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary, let us continue to persevere, guided by our mission to change the lives of high school students who think and learn outside the box. As the new head of school, I've found this community joy-filled, hard-working, and supportive. With your continued support, we will be able to provide this essential academic programming to many more deserving students for decades to come.

Thank you for all you do to support our community. I look forward to celebrating 20 years of extraordinary accomplishments and sharing my vision for the future with you.


Stephanie Borges Folarin, Head of School


20th Anniversary Gala Celebration

On October 1, 2022, patrons, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, and many other members of our community will gather to celebrate at our 20th Anniversary Gala.

This occasion will mark an important milestone in our school's history - 20 successful years of supporting each of our students and helping them thrive through a unique learning environment.

To learn more about our 20th Anniversary Gala celebration, purchase tickets for the event, and become an event sponsor please visit our event page here.

Our 20th Celebration Honorees

Wye River Upper School honors and is grateful for our extensive community of friends, families, and supporters. In our 20th year, we celebrate each of those who have been a part of our history and will continue to be a part of our future. We honor our past and current faculty and staff for their commitment to student success and dedication to our mission - we wouldn't be who we are without you!

Below are listed a select few from the many.

Chrissy Aull, Wye River Upper School Founder and Former Head of School

Harry and Virginia Duffey, Wye River Upper School Board Member and Dedicated Supporter

James Martinez, Director of MakerSpace and Founding Educator

Patricia McGlannan, Co-Founder and Former Administrator

Mid-Shore Community Foundation, Inc., Loyal Supporter and Community Advocate

Alexa Seip, Wye River Upper School Board Chair and Dedicated Supporter

Nicole Sophocles, Current Assistant Head of School and Founding Educator

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