Wye River Upper School is Pleased to Announce:

Anxiety, Development and Transitions of Teens: Guidance for Families in the Midst of Change
Teresa M. I. Schaefer, PhD
of Chester River Behavioral Health & Wellness

Date: Thursday, May 11 from 7pm-8:15pm
Location: Wye River Upper School
316 South Commerce Street
Centreville, MD 21617

“When I’m 18, I’m gonna…”
“I’m 18. You can’t tell me what to do.”
“So long as you are living under my roof, I can.”
Are these words you have heard/said? Words you anticipate hearing/saying? OR Do you find yourself struggling with the right balance between fostering independence and keeping control? The above statements are about both anxiety and development. They, or derivations of, are common in the homes of teens. Both parents and teens experience anxiety in relation to teen growth and development – a task that is not just one of teens, but also of parents. Dr. Teresa I. Schaefer, Licensed Psychologist in private practice for nearly 20 years, will guide parents in understanding the connection between the anxiety(s) of teens, the anxiety(s) of parents, and normal growth and development. She will aide parents in identifying key concepts and strategies for a successful transition from parenting the pre-teen to launching the young adult.

Join us for this free, informative presentation. Open to the public.
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