Wye River Upper School serves bright students challenged by ADHD, dyslexia and other unique learning styles, as well as students who may benefit from structure, low student/teacher ratios and creative teaching strategies. We provide an individualized and supportive high school education, in a comfortable, low stress, yet challenging academic environment.

Our program ensures a well-rounded experience, including athletics, visual and performing arts, offered within a schedule and structure that is responsive to the needs of teenagers. We use diagnostic information, observation, and parent input as the basis for understanding each student's learning style. Technology serves as a platform upon which much of the curriculum is delivered, inclusive of individual laptops for both students and faculty.


"Wye River has made all the difference in his life. He is now feeling good about himself and is planning on going to college. I am more impressed by your teachers every time I see them." - WRUS parent

Wye River Upper School * 316 S. Commerce Street * Centreville, MD 21617 * 410-758-2922

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